Collaborative Piano


BSOM Blitz! July of 2015 at the renowned Meadowmount School of Music in upstate New York: the entire collaborative piano staff is comprised of both current students and alumni from the UT Collaborative Piano Program. Pictured from left to right: Jacob Coleman, DMA 2014; Cecilia Kao, MM 2013; Tomoko Kashiwagi, DMA 2011; Eric Larsen, Director of Meadowmount; Anne Epperson, UT Collaborative Piano Professor; Suyeon Kim, DMA 2013; Chorong Park, DMA 2016; Ben Corbin, DMA 2016.

Collaboration is alive and well at the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin!

As part of the Chamber and Collaborative Music Division, the Collaborative Piano Area was inaugurated in Fall 2008, with pioneer collaborative piano pedagogue Anne Epperson at the helm. In addition to the special curriculum designed for the MM and DMA degree plans, the activities of the collaborative piano majors are uniquely coordinated with the needs of the school.  This dynamic produces a very positive atmosphere in all types of partnerships and reinforces the service aspect of the profession.

Our graduate students acquire one of the country’s premier experiences in all aspects of collaborative education, working with instrumentalists, singers, large and small ensembles, choirs and new music projects. They, in turn, provide valuable service as collaborative support for lessons, recitals, masterclasses and a variety of special performances. Their hard work is fully supported by a caring and creative administration, outstanding faculty, and first-class facilities. Abundant performance opportunities help to develop a sense of confidence and comfort on stage.  The collaborative piano faculty teach all of the related coursework for the piano performance area and the collaborative students have opportunities to assist in teaching these classes.

All of these elements come together to provide a world-class atmosphere in which students can successfully prepare for the challenges and joys of a career as a collaborative performer, teacher, and coach.  The professional success of our graduates is a testament to the quality of the education they received here in our program.

Our studio is a hard working family and our class motto is “Onward”! We invite you to check out our Upcoming Events page to keep current with all of our BSOM-related events, as well as our Prospective Students page for audition information!